Wind in the Willows November 2017

Wind in the Willows – By Alan Bennett

Performed at the Driftwood Spars Hotel, St Agnes. 22-25 November 2017

Cornwall Drama Association 2018 Awards:

Winner Best Director – Andy Blake
Winner Best Actor – Brian Hart (Toad)
Winner Best Set

Also nominated for
Best Costume
Best Play
Best Supporting Actor – Gavin Hutton (Ratty)

Gallery 1 – Getting ready


Gallery 2 – Dress rehearsal

Gallery 3 – The Show

Directed by Andy Blake


Annie Lucas/ Lara Salter                    Mother

Amelia Tinn                                        Millie

Brian Hart                                           Toad

Roger Thorley                                     Badger

Antonia Coppen                                  Mole   

Gavin Hutton                                       Rat

Graham Winter                                   Chief Weasel, Mouse, Man in bowler hat

Chris Humphreys                                Otter, Portly, Rupert, Train Driver, Gypsy, Ferret, Headghog,

                                                           Car salesman, Mouse

Jo Smith                                              Albert, Mouse

Ali Mason                                            Monica, Fox, Bargewoman, Sargeant Fred, Mouse

Soozie Tinn                                         Washerwoman, Magistrate, Weasel, Mouse

Harvey Kurzfield                                  Clerk of the court, Policeman, Stoat, Rabbits, Mouse

Alison Nash                                         Norman, Rabbits, Mouse

Debbie Walters                                    Gaolers Daughter, Hedgehogs, Weasel, Stoat

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